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The certificate is finally home!

After more than a year since I sent the application for ICH award (30. 9. 2013), we finally received the certificate that Rocky was awarded the Interchampion title.

At first it was without any answer from SKJ (Slovenská kynologická jednota - www.skj.sk), so I thought everything was O.K. Then some time in November I got a phone call from SKJ, they can ́t send my application to FCI in Belgium, since the dog did not meet the requirements for being awarded the Interchampion title – no good for him having the international Working Dog Certificate stating that “this examination entitles him to Interchampion title“, because FCI changed the requirements for Interchampion title. 

The best part was their comment: if you had sent it 2 weeks earlier, we could have sent it to you. The officer at SKJ asked me if I wanted their response in writing or not, so I said I wanted it in writing. However, when I didn ́t receive any reply even in 2 months, I called there again (to SKJ), to find out if they sent it or what ?! Finally the officer said they would discuss it at the meeting and they will let me know. So we were waiting again and finally got a reply (as of 14. May 2014), that this examination does not entitle the dog to Interchampion title – for FCI changed the requirments for this title.

I ́d like to point that the requirements changed in 2008, the dog passed the examination in 2011 and his Working Dog Certificate is from 2011 as well, and our bitch has the very same international Working Dog Certificate for the same examination including the clause “this examination entitles to Interchampion title“ as of 2012. Until August 2013 SKJ was issuing working certificates and was sending the Interchampion applications for retrievers along with a working certificate from examinations not including any retrieving – Forest examinations of small breeds, Hunting examinations for small breeds, Hunting examinations for hounds according to which many dogs were awarded not only Interchampion titles but also National Champion titles, whereas the champion title requires a working examination – in Hungary, in the Czech Republic, in Austria ...

So I sent another application (as of June 2014) along with a certificate that Rocky has a national field trial and I was waiting what happens. Again I got a call from SKJ officer telling me it was not a good certificate and when I told her I don ́t have any other certificate – merely the record in his pedigree and examinations diploma, she told me the record in a pedigree means nothing. At last she revealed I needed a working certificate for NFTR including a clause “this examination entitles the dog to Interchampion title“. 

And so I sent an aplication to SPZ to send me another working certificate proving that my dog has NFTR which entitles him to the Interchampion title. I received the working certificate, however, not including the clause “this examination entitles the dog to Interchampion title“, so I copied it and sent it to SKJ and I was waiting what happens next. In 2 weeks time I got another working certificate from SPZ (by regular mail – not by registered mail) this time finally including the clause “this examination entitles the dog to Interchampion title“ – even without further applications necessary .... 

So I enveloped another working certificate and sent it to SKJ. And it looks it was the right one at last since we ́ve received the certificate from Belgium today.

This is how it works in Slovakia ....