In memoriam



17th March 2017 we said goodbye to our special boy - Rolo.

Sleep sweet our "little" boy, you'll be forever with us with your daughter and grand-daughters. Thank you Rolík for all ... 

Thank you Daniela for him.

Aldamity Nother Danceer

02. 01. 2006 - 17. 03. 2017

Alesia Flow of Energy

20. 08. 2002 - 22. 12. 2012

22nd December we said goodbye forever to our Aleska. It was our first labrador who showed us what life is like with labradors, hunting, trials, shows ...

Thank you for everything you taught us and what she gave us.

You will always remain with us and we will always remember for you ...


Hopefully we were so important to you as you are for us.

We have no day without thinking about you.

Thank you for all ...


Aldamity Keep in Touch

16. 12. 2004 - 25. 1. 2009